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        The Bear Wallow was founded in 1976 to create a book to preserve the heritage of Northeast Oregon. Our efforts were so well recieved that we have continued in the same tradition of offering limited editions which not only are unique in design, but also excel in production quality. We are not very prolific and our subject matter is somewhat limited, but you can be assured that our Bear Paw imprint is the mark of quality. We not only strive for historic accuracy, but we also like to make history interesting, and we labor very hard with each title to produce a book as a fine work of art. For the past half century, the Bear Wallow has been recognized for its distinctive style of blending original artwork and photographic imagery with storyline to create volumes which not only make very special gifts, but are welcomed by collectors of the rare and unusual. Each title has been offered in a limited edition printing totally produced in America, with 1500 copies numbered  –  and the entire edition signed by the authors. Rendezvous was our first release in 1978 followed by Traces, Where Rolls the Oregon, A Letter Home, An American Vignette, and Around the Cat's Back. Our next effort then shifted to another era of pioneers with the release of Avian Dreamers as a lasting tribute to the men and women who pioneered the skies.

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